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sushi_spider_roll-icon-1Inside out roll : learn all the tricks how to roll a inside out rolls.

sashimi-salmon Sashimi : find out how to cut sashimi grade fish to make your own sashimi.

50px-Sushi_Tuna_Roll-iconHand roll : click here to find out how to roll hand rolls.

maki-sushiMaki roll : how to make the simple maki roll.

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What is our site about?

In short, We are a sushi recipe site. but we feel that we are much more than just a simple sushi recipe site, we are trying to innovate the way sushi is made, creating new and exciting never seen before recipes, sushi recipes that will change the menus of Japanese restaurant’s for ever, much like what was done in 1960s by Ichiro Mashita a sushi chef that emigrated from Japan to California and started to use local produce like avocado and mayonnaise to create new sushi rolls, one of those rolls has become his legacy, the “California roll” known world wide and made in every sushi restaurant.

While we attempt to change the culinary landscape of sushi, we will place the best sushi roll recipes on this site for everyone to use, you can teach yourself how to make sushi from start to finish and create sushi rolls just as beautiful as the ones in our sushi gallery.

Learn how to make sushi.

On our site makesushi.org you will be able to learn how to make sushi rolls like a sushi chef, if you are new to sushi making then here is a list in order of what you should learn first;

  1. learn how to cook the sushi rice
  2. learn how to roll the sushi rolls
  3. learn how to cut sushi rolls

Now you can apply these new techniques with some of our sushi roll recipes, below are some of our most newest sushi roll recipes, Just click on the pictures to learn exactly how to cook those sushi rolls.

Recommended Sushi roll Recipes

Salmon tuna sushi roll up colse picture - amazing sushi rollTuna and salmon Royal recipe.

This is a innovative recipe created here at make sushi, it combines both sashimi grade salmon and sashimi grade tuna knitted together in a grid pattern by hand, this recipe requires steady hands and allot of patience to make, even so it is definitely worth the work it takes to assemble it.

smoked salmon sushi roll how to make sushi 2Smoked Salmon roll recipe

This roll looks stunning on a plate and is simply a delicious recipe, although not what you would call traditional Japanese sushi since using both smoked salmon and cream cheese, in sushi is frowned upon in japan. Nevertheless still and amazing dish to cook.

stunning sushi roll recipe - pink salmon sushi roll dyed with beetrootPink Salmon recipe.

Another stunning recipe, the pink salmon is made by marinating fresh sashimi grade salmon in beetroot juice till it changes in to a bright pink color, the salmon is then placed on top of a roll with tempura cooked shrimp, mango and avocado filling. If you want to turn some heads with your cooking this is the way to do it.




miyabi knifeVegan Sushi RollSushi Granish - Carrot slinky and cucumber swirlshand roll sushi
When cooking sushi Chef. Davy Devaux prefers to use the best knives from the make Miyabi, if you want to use the same knives as he does you can get them here:
Buy Miyabi Knives

This is one extraordinary sushi roll recipe to say the least.
See full recipe here

Learn how to make the beautiful Carrot Slinky and Cucumber Swirls. Full Instructions Here
Learn how to make the sweet chili glazed crispy salmon skin Hand Roll from home; it’s very easy to learn with our interactive recipe and video tutorial.
Click Here





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