What our site is about?

in short we are a sushi recipe site, but i like to think we are much much more than that!


My name is Davy im 23 years old, i taught my self how to make sushi because i enjoyed to eat sushi, i did it as a hobby mostly for special occasions like new years dinner or friends birthdays, parties …ect. my friends kept telling me that my sushi was the best they ever tried, im quite humble about it, its probably not the best sushi on the planet but but one day it might be.

Now one thing to take in to account while on this site is that i taught my self how to cook sushi i did not use any sushi books or receive classes from other sushi chefs. This is why my methods of making sushi are significantly different from the normal traditional methods, i view this as a good thing since traditional methods are not necessarily the best way to do things, and sometimes a fresh perspective will come up with better more innovative way to make things.

I aim to change the way sushi is made or at the very least create some spectacular sushi recipes that will be remembered like the California sushi roll; prior to the California roll avocado and cucumber was not used in sushi making, it was only introduced when a Japanese chef emigrated to America (California) and was forced to use local produce to make his sushi.



Yamamoto at Reply

I’m glad to have found this section, because I came to this site thinking I would watch a real sushi chef. Your technique needs a lot of work, your knife skills are poor and your rice looks very bad. You think that being untrained gives you creative freedom, but it actually does the opposite, it hinders you. When you say traditional methods are not the best way, you are speaking against hundreds of years of chefs trying to perfect rice, fish and seaweed. It’s very disrespectful because sushi is rooted in tradition and yours is not fresh perspective, it’s gimmicks. Gimmicks don’t last. How do you expect to change something you refuse to learn about fully? You make all the gimmicky rolls, but lack the skill the make one simple perfect roll.

D.Devaux at Reply

For thousands of years the best “scientists” thought the planet was flat! does doing or believing in some thing for a long time make it right? or the only way to do things?

just about 80 years ago sushi rice was made via a fermentation process which took days, now its made within hours so I don’t know why you think that sushi has been perfected over hundreds of years when actually the type of sushi consumed these days in sushi restaurant’s and sushi bars has not been around for more than 80 years!

One last point I don’t refuse to learn about the way sushi has been traditionally made, I said at the start I didn’t read sushi cook books, now I am learning everything there is to know on the subject. And currently I know allot about sushi making and sushi history.

I don’t agree with anything you said, you may call my sushi gimmicks but that doesn’t mean they are.
I have the choice to delete your comment whenever I want…. but I wont because frankly I think your wrong.





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