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Randal Magalee at Reply

Hello, I had a quick technical question. Every year on either Thanksgiving or Christmas my entire family gets together and has a curry cooking contest. Dishes are judged by taste and originality. I recently learned to roll sushi when we added it to our menu at the restaurant I run and since rice and cucumber are traditional side dishes for Caribbean curry this year I’ve decided to make Shrimp Curry Rolls as my entry. I watched your video on preparing cucumber to roll sushi in instead of nori and was wondering if I slice the cucumber and then soak them in olive oil, vinegar salt and pepper (the traditional way to prepare sliced cucumbers for curry) would that affect them and make it difficult to roll? I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject – Randal Magalee

D.Devaux at Reply

Hi Randal, I honestly don’t know I have never done that before, I don’t think it would be a problem…. the only way to find out is to try.
best of luck and sorry I could not be more helpful.

Jonathon A at Reply

Hear is what I suggest for you Shrimp Curry Rolls.First make the sushi rice small batch aside for your cuury shrimp roll.The add red curry to the sushi rice mix set aside.With the shrimp season lightly with curry cumin.Then make a tempura batter add in yellow curry as you mix .If you soak the cucumber will become very hard to work with.i suggest place on inside with shrimp.Soak the cucumber in your vinegar,pepper,and salt.Shrimp curry roll no seaweed just rice.Extra nice sense for your family can roll in cucumber or make a cucumber emulsion (puree).Some filipino like the vinegar salt pepper oil with fried chicken and pork fat.This recipe should have extra curry flavor and color for your next family gathering. Cheers

Erin at Reply

I was unable to find a send button in the contact form, so my question is this: I am looking to buy this knife , which was listed as being significantly cheaper on the Amazon website link provided by your webpage (, however, upon reading the description of the blade on Amazon, it sounds like it has a different core, and may therefore not be the same version of the blade as I am looking for. So I was wondering if you would mind explaining to me the difference, if any, between the two, or if they are actually the exact same? As the second definitely has a better price tag, but I would really like to purchase the one under the first link. I just want to be SURE of what I am buying when this much money is being spent.

D.Devaux at Reply

Hi Erin,
They are both the same knives, amazon descriptions are not always 100% accurate. The price difference is due to one being in USA and the other in Canada, import tax varies in different countries for example the same knife on the Zwilling store in Germany is much more expensive (€ is roughly 30% more than $)

If you do buy it from Amazon remember to select the knife length. the one in my videos in 9″ but I would recommend 8″ for everyday use.

Good luck

Erin at Reply

Thank you so much!

David T. at Reply

Hi David,
I hope u could give me advice about type of knife i should buy. Im slightly advanced in making sushi. I probably wont ever portion whole fish like tuna, but i want to be able to portion tuna/salmon fillet, maybe cut fresh mackerel and ofcourse maki/california rolls. I know there are some types of knives like santoku, gyuto and sashimi one(i dont rly know how to call the longest and thinnest one). Which one would be the best choice for me?

Thanks a lot for your reply.


David Tesař

Emil Yi at Reply

I did send a suggestion regarding which knife to use. I accidentally wrote Chutoh instead of Gyutoh. My apologies.

Anyways, It seems that you’ve answered my question with Erin.

I will be buying a 5000 MCD Gyutoh 8″!

Ty very much for your instructive videos!

Adeolu Adeoye at Reply

tank u

Jon at Reply

I love and appreciate your videos. They are helpful and informative. I have been making sushi at home for about five years now. I recently began experimenting with flambé sushi. Below are three youtube examples.

Can you advice me on what kind of liquor to use for a fuel source?. The fuel used in the videos seems to be clear and seems to entirely burn away after ignition. I tried 80 proof whiskey. However, there is quite a bit of fluid remaining after all the alcohol burns away. I also tried orange extract. That was the best fuel but the aroma was often over powering. Also, I had to make sure there was a barrier between the food and the extract, otherwise the taste of the extract over powered everything.

Any advice you could offer would be appreciated. Here is a link to a video of my experiments.

Some youtube examples of sushi on fire:

Thank you for your time and your wonderful posts.


Johnny at Reply

I really can feel you guys passion about Japanese cuisine by seeing your online video @youtube
Where you guys locate ? is it only locate in Spain ?
Any dedicate email address can contact you directly ?





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