How to Make Beautiful Garnish for Sushi Plates

Making great sushi has always been a balance of Yin and Yang between food presentation and taste. Assuming you have the perfect tasting food; here you will find how to balance that out with some eye pleasing presentation.

carrot butterflies garnish art

Carrot Butterflies and Cucumber Fans


Learn how to decorate your sushi platters with this lush green cucumber fans with artfully carved carrot butterflies.

Click Here to watch a video tutorial.


japanese food garnish

Carrot Slinky and Cucumber Swirls


This is really a stunning garnish for any sushi platter, it can also easily be used in salads, Click Here to learn how to hand carve this or where you to buy a machine to make this garnish in no time at all.

cucumber leaf garnish - japan

Carved Cucumber Leaves


These are precision carved cucumber leaves, looks great and much more complicated than it actually is to make, Click Here to learn how to carve this masterpiece your self.




Elle Latremed at Reply

Love this site, soooo many ideas!!!!!!!!!

Angelica Chapa Garcia at Reply

Gracias por compartir la pag.comadre!


Sorry for my English.
One word for all your videso: Excellent!!

PS: If you can, translation in Spanish would be fantastic!

Laurie Aitch at Reply

You have a very nice set of videos, with excellent explanations. Thanks. I was wondering if you have a recipe for pickling fresh ginger and a preferred tool for getting paper thin slices. I use the V-Slicer but it doesn't give uniform or sufficiently thin slices.




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