Paprika Roll

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Paprika Sushi roll (red pepper roll)

Watch the video above to learn how to make the paprika sushi roll.




sushi making preparationTo view the recipe press on the “Step´s” above.







half a sheet of nori with cooked sushi rice on topSpread-out 150g´s of cooked sushi rice over half a sheet of Nori (seaweed paper).

Do not press down the rice but rather spread out softly.



eagle eye view of sushi roll making - paprika rollFlip over the rice with the nori and place it on a rolling mat covered with a plastic bag, add the filling of the roll;

Crab mix

– Avocado slices




rolling the paprika rollRoll the sushi roll, if you want to know how to roll a sushi roll click there >> how to roll sushi rolls








thin slices of paprikaCut the paprika in to thin slices , use a  sharp knife to make the first incision in to the paprika then use a cheese knife and start cutting at the incision you made.

you will need 8 to 9 slices , make a few more, better to have to many then to need more later.








thin slice of paprika on a cutting board








paprika slices on a sushi rollPlace some mascarpone on the top to glue down the paprika slices (red pepper slices), place the paprika slices on the top of the roll.





placing paprika slices over the sushi roll








paprika on top of a sushi roll






sushi roll with paprika on topplace a sheet of cling film over the roll and press it on with a bamboo rolling mat.







cutting paprika sushi rollCut the roll in to 8 pieces using a very Sharp knife, I usually cut the edges of the roll of first and then cut the roll in to piece’s this makes all the pieces the same.








close up paprika rollFinished, serve on a plate with some wasabi, pickled ginger and soja sauce.












paprika roll










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