Salmon Skin Roll

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Learn how to make Crispy Salmon Skin Roll



Avocado and Paprika    salmon skin roll

sliced avocado


Start by chopping the avocado in 2 and removing the seed with care not to damage the 2 halves, then peel the skin off again taking care not to damage the half of the avocado , once peeled slice the avocado in thin slices 1-2 mm in thickness while keeping the half avocado in one piece.

note: use a sharp knife, keeping the blade wet by dipping it in water allows the avocado to slide off with ease , the trick here is to slice then press the slice against the other slices when pulling the knife out, this will make the new slice stick to the others you just cut.



Avocado and Paprika



Cut the paprika as seen in the picture (long thing slices 0.5 to 1 cm)>>>






Sweet Chilli Glazed Crispy Salmon Skin with Sesame oil

“this is what makes this roll special”.

cutting salmon skin

cutting salmon skin



Start by removing the salmon skin from the salmon fillet, cut the skin off by placing it skin side down and placing your hand firmly down on the fish at the same time dragging a sharp knife along in long swooping cuts this leaves you a beautiful cut of fish and the salmon skin, leave about 0.5 cm of salmon flesh attached to the skin,

<<< (picture is for demonstration purpose do not cut the skin off that way)


cutting salmon skin

cutting salmon skin









fring the salmon skin

frying the salmon skin



Place the salmon skin (skin side down) in a none stick pan without oil (the salmon has enough fat in it), allow it to crisp up then turn around once crispy break it up in to pieces and add about 1 tea-spoon sesame oil, stir and allow to sizzle for another minute then add 4 table spoons sweet chilli sauce, keep and eye on it and stir till the sweet chili becomes tangy but not burnt.



crispy salmon skin glazed in sweet chilli and seasame oil

crispy salmon skin glazed in sweet chilli and sesame oil




This is what it should look like, set aside until needed >>>





 Rice Cooking

To learn how to cook the rice go here COOKING SUSHI RICE



placing rice on a nori sheet



Rolling the sushi roll, now for this part you want a bowl of water next to you to dip your hands in , this will prevent the rice sticking to your hands.

Place about a hand full of rice in the center of the Nori sheet then spread it out softly across the Nori sheet like seen on the picture below leaving a blank space of about 1/3 of the sheet.



cling film over nori and rice



Place a sheet of cling film over the rice and nori, then flip the rice nori and cling film over together, placing the rice covered part upside down towards you with the blank space away from you.





building the crispy salmon skin roll

turn the nori around with the cling film (rice towards you and blank space away from you) place ingredients above blank space



Place the Crispy salmon skin + paprika strips at the top of the sheet over the blank space.







sushi rolling

sushi rolling



Rolling the sushi roll, start the rolling by bringing the top up and over the filling then press it in towards the filling using the bamboo mat then:

  • Detach the mat with the cling film just a bit and roll it forwards again a bit,  apply pressure in again.

Repeat the process above till you have made the roll.




inside out roll


placing avocado on inside out roll sushi

placing avocado on inside out roll sushi


Open the cling film

Place some mayonnaise on the seal of the roll (this is for construction purposes). spread the sliced avocado on your hand to make it longer, now place the avocado on the roll over the mayo, re-seal the cling film and place the mat over the avocado applying some pressure to glue the avocado to the roll.




cut inside out roll with avocado on top sushi roll

cut inside out roll with avocado on top sushi roll


Slice the roll with the cling film (keeps it intact while cutting), cut the roll in to 7-8 pieces + 2 end bits. I recommend getting a Japanese sushi knife for the cutting as this will make or break your sushi roll.


Finishing Touches


salmon skin sushi roll full view

salmon skin sushi roll full view



Finish the roll off by splattering some sweet chilli sauce over it and a small amount of fish eggs on each piece. what you see in the picture are flying fish eggs you can also use salmon eggs or trout eggs.




close up salmon skin sushi roll

close up salmon skin sushi roll

Sweet Chilli Salmon Skin Sushi Roll Done!

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