Salmon Tuna Royal sushi roll

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Salmon Tuna Royal Sushi Roll


The salmon tuna royal sushi roll is a unique sushi roll; I have never seen anything like this roll before so I’m proud to say I invented this sushi roll. It’s a very tedious sushi roll to make as knitting the sushi grade salmon and tuna together takes a lot of time and a little practice.


  • sushi grade salmon
  • sushi grade tuna
  • avocado
  • nori sheet
  • 140g5 ounces  of cooked sushi rice
  • 10 long chives



spreading rice on half nori sheet for sushi making

 Step 1 . Begin by spreading out 140g (5 Ounces) of cooked sushi rice  over 1/2 a sheet of noriSeaweed paper .

note: spread out softly without squashing the rice, you want it to be airy 






salmon and tuna in a sushi roll with avocado slices - sushi roll

 Step 2 . Flip over the nori sheetSeaweed paper with the rice and add the filling (salmon , tunaCut the salmon and tuna in to strips about      (1.5 x 1.5 x length of nori) cm   or  (0.6 x 0.6 x length of nori) inches and avocado) in the center of the noriseaweed paper .





rolling a sushi roll - how to roll sushi

 Step 3 . Roll the sushi roll.

how to roll a sushi roll






arranging tuna and slamon in a grid

 Step 4 .Cut the sushi grade salmon and tuna in to strips  (0.5 x 1.0 x 15.0)cm(0.2 x 0.4 x 6.0) inches you will need approximately 12 strips of each fish, the key to cutting fish in to thin strips is a very sharp knife and to freeze the fish till it becomes more tough, about 30-40min in the freezer should do.

Lay down some cling film then knit the sushi grade salmon and tuna in a grid 10cm4 inches x the length of the nori sheetSeaweed paper on top of the cling film.

Try to touch the fish as little as possible as to not deform it or cook it with your warm hands, using a butter knife is very helpful during the knitting process.


salmon and tuna nited together

once you have knitted the the salmon and tuna together add some long chives in equal spaces where you expect the sushi pieces to be, about 8-10 chives.









fliping the tuna salmon top for sushi roll

Add another layer of cling film on top the fish grid and then flip over and remove the first layer of cling film.









placing the sushi roll on to salmon tuna grid

 Step 5 . place the sushi roll in the center of the salmon and tuna fish grid. then lift up the sides on the salmon and tuna grid pressing them against the rice till they stick.









making chive knots to tie the salmon and tuna to the sushi roll

Tie the chives together, double knot if  possible if not a single knot is fine. Be very careful not to break the chives.








fixing the topping to the sushi roll with a bamboo rolling mat

Turn the roll over then firm it up with a bamboo sushi rolling mat.








cutting the salmon tuna sushi royal roll with a japanese knife

 Step 6 . Cut the sushi roll between the chives using a extremely sharp knifelightly wet the knife so that the rice does not stick to the blade as much. , cut the roll in to 8 pieces.

learn more about what knife I use here






cut sushi roll - salmon and tuna sushi roll

 Step 7 .  Plate the sushi rolls with some soya sauce, wasabi paste and pickled ginger, enjoy.











salmon tuna royal sushi roll - from make sushi .org









salmon tuna sushi roll - royal sushi roll


salmon tuna royal sushi roll - creative sushi roll

sushi roll


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This article was written by Davy Devaux

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Xkimm at Reply

Love your video’s! You mavke it look sooooo easy. Would love to see a video on a new york inside out and a burning dragon.

D.Devaux at Reply

thank you, would love to make the videos you requested, the only problem is that allot of sushi chefs call their sushi rolls different names…. because of this im not exactly shore what the newyork roll or the burning dragon roll is. If you could explain them or link to some images I could reconstruct them.

Lars Idee at Reply

incredible nice work… just found your website , and just wanna tell….. i love it :-)

Oriana Valencia at Reply

bellicimo felicidades





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