Sushi Knives

The most important tool to make good quality sushi is definitely the sushi knife, you can do everything else perfectly but then destroy all your good work with a blunt knife. In my opinion even the sharpest kitchen knife is nothing compared to a professional sushi knife.

I tried almost every type of knife on the market before buying a high end sushi-knife, when I started out making sushi I used a serrated knife after this I moved on to a highly sharped multi use kitchen knife after a little while more I decided to invest in the cheapest sushi knife I could find “it was sharp” really improved my sushi and now finally I bought a high end sushi knife costing me over 190$ and it is unbelievably sharp it cuts though a sushi roll like a hot knife through butter! Not only that the sushi rolls stay more compressed with sharp edges.

I wish I had started out with a high end sushi knife, although It might be better to go through the process of using blunt tools so that when you do actually buy a high end sushi knife you will appreciate it more.

The knife I bought is a “Global 12in. Yanagi sashimi- sushi knife”  I know there are better sushi knives out there but I bought this one because it was good and has a more modern western look, which I like.

Below is a picture of the global sushi knife I bought.

The best sushi knives

global sushi knife








From what I gathered on the internet (several reviews and videos) also talked to a shop keeper who sells sushi knives these are the three best sushi knives :


Ao-Ko Mizu Honyaki  (7250 $)
ao-ko mizu







YOSHIHIRO- Shiro-ko Honyaki  (849 $)





Shun Pro 3  (139 $)
shun pro





personally i think the Ao-Ko and Yoshihiro are over priced but the Shun Pro 3 is defiantly good value for money as far a sushi knives go. I have only found reviews praising the Shun Pro 3. I also saw good reviews about the Masamoto knives but not enough to include a picture.










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